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Disposal and Recycling

"It is the purpose of the law to promote the recycling economy in order to protect not only natural resources but also man and the environment when it comes to generating and managing waste." Par. 1 of the Recycling Economy Act KrWG (from 24 February 2012)

It is our aim to use your mineral residual materials and your industrial and domestic waste as far as possible. We hereby adopt measures that make an ecological and economical sense, including everything from the thermal utilisation as a replacement fuel to the treatment and processing in order to create valuable raw materials (recycling of materials). We always act in accordance with the latest jurisdiction in connection with our efforts.

Waste avoidance; recycling of materials before thermal use. We are able to avail ourselves of a landfill sites and waste disposal plants portfolio should it no longer be possible to recycle the accrued residual materials. We conduct a detailed examination of the legal requirements that the deployed partners have so that we are able to provide our customers with the greatest possible legal certainty in connection with the whereabouts of their waste. We also have the quality of the raw materials and residual materials that are supplied to us validated by independent certified laboratories.

Our qualifications and years of experience enable us to address the needs and requirements of our clients in addition to us cooperating with them in order to create individual recycling concepts.

We bring both economical and environmental aspects together in order to create an overall solution, this commencing with the evaluation and the correct allocation of the types of material that you accrue and the determination of whether additional measures are necessary.

We would be pleased to receive your inquiries and believe that supporting you with advice and competence is a service that is a matter of course.  

Pracht GmbH