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Our Logistics Offer for you

Road haulage

We operate throughout Europe with our connected vehicle pool of more than 100 tilted articulated /trailer combinations with volumes of between 25 cbm and 95 cbm. Our equipment also includes special vehicles such as roll-off and skip containers, silo trucks, suction and pressure trucks, walking floor vehicles, glass transporters, special vehicles for oversizes or also tarpaulin/trailer combinations and road trains for temperature-controlled goods. Our vehicles are all equipped conform with the Regulations for the Conveyance of Hazardous Goods by Road and Rail (GGVSE) and we have also been issued with transport transport permits pursuant to waste law that have validity throughout Europe.

Inland waterways

Our company is present on all of the European waterways. We have a comprehensive independent freight capacity. Self-propelled barges of between 700 and 3000 dead weight tons and pusher barges and pushed barges that can navigate canals and are mainly used in water construction sites are all a part of our vehicle pool.

Seagoing vessels

We have entered into close cooperations with fixed efficient partners for our short sea traffic. You can also benefit from this! And that on a global scale obviously. All of the ships we use are equipped with the latest technology so that we can assure the safe and on time delivery of your goods.